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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  June 12, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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right now at 11 a.m., hazy hot and humid. that is a real scorcher out there already. temperatures are continuing to climb. taking a look at center city philadelphia, some important information for parents. the school district is dismissing students at noon today because of the heat. now a live look at ben franklin bridge, haddonfield also closing because of the heat. we have live team coverage to help you through this intense weather. jesse gary live in spring garden but we'll bring with nbc10 first alert meteorologist bill henley. >> the kids will be heading out
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into the hottest weather of the day. it's 87 degrees in philadelphia. this just updated. philadelphia at 61% humidity. that's a little higher than yesterday. the temperature is warmer than yesterday at this time too. it's 3 degrees warmer and it will stay warmer this afternoon. around the rest of the area wilmington, 85. 88 right now in wrightstown. the hot spot is toms river at 91 degrees. 1 degrees warmer than yesterday in wilmington. up by 2 in trenton. it's not a lot hotter than yesterday but with the additional humidity it feels warmer. that's part of the problem for today. we're watching for clouds. a lot of haze but not too many clouds yet. a possibility we'll see a cooling shower this afternoon in a few spots. most areas will stay dry today and hot and humid. 1:00 this afternoon, look at the feels like temperature. the temperature plus the humidity will make it feel like 98 degrees in wilmington at that hour. 98 for trenton.
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97 degrees in philadelphia. 100 at 3:00 is what it will feel like in trenton and mt. holly and very close to that mark for philadelphia. hazy, hot and humid day with temperatures climbing into the 90s. we'll peak in the mid-90s this afternoon. the record is 95 for this date. we'll get very close to it. by 7:00 this evening, we're back into the 80s. a closer look at the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood, when i come back later this half hour renee. >> thank you, bill. today's hot temperatures allowing students as we told you, in philadelphia to start their weekend a little earlier than usual. all public schools in philadelphia will dismiss at noon today. jesse gary live at philadelphia school district headquarters in spring garden. officials sending kids home? >> reporter: that's right. it's not just the heat right now. believe me it's already hot. the heat coming later today. officials say the continuation of what's been going on all
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through the week. the classrooms that have been hot are hot again. and they are getting hotter as the day moves on. so early this morning, the decision was made to sends kids home at noon. that's 14 2,000 plus students headed home. the reason is lack of air conditioning in many classrooms which could lead to other problems. >> it could lead to asthma attacks in high temperature, high humidity. our buildings are old, not air conditioned. some are but not all of them. >> reporter: officials the normal return trip home is in place for all of them. if your child takes the school bus, they'll take the school bus. if you drop them off or pick them up, you need to pick them up. if there's a graduation at your school, that holds today. it's going to be steamy with a cap and gown on but the ceremony is on. we'll get the list up as soon
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as we get it from the school district, we'll put it up on our website. jesse gary live in spring garden. prepare for the potential heat wave with "nbc10 news" app, download it to get updates on your smartphone or tablet. now right now, to more breaking news. a fire in the brustington section of philadelphia left one woman dead and her mother in critical condition. let's get right to nbc10's monique braxton on avon street where the fire broke out. what's the latest? >> reporter: moments ago i spoke to the fire marshal. he tells us the cause of the blaze remains under investigation. at this point they don't suspect anyone started the fire here at 604 avon street. we could also tell you that the mother is fighting for her life. her daughter is deceased. a heart-wrenching scene here. the 600 block of avon. fire commissioner tells us when
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they arrived around 7:30 this morning, they found one female with burns by the front door. a second female was discovered deceased on the second floor in a bathroom. her father escaped through the basement after a neighbor kicked in the door. investigators also say it appears the fire began on the first floor. we spoke with the neighbor. >> it's shocking. i just saw her the other day walking her dog. i don't know if the dog made it out or not. >> reporter: how old is she? >> i heard she was 44 45 years old. >> reporter: how long have you been their neighbor? >> 25 years. >> reporter: the fire commissioner also says they may have been trying to fight the flames. heavy smoke was visible when firefighters arrived. they found one smoke alarm in the basement but it was not working. the fire commissioner also tells us it may have been the same smoke alarm delivered to this home when another fire occurred on this block in 2001. now, the fire commissioner says
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he wants to stress three different points with everyone in the city. that is have a smoking -- a working smoke detector. have a smoke alarm that works. he also said, make sure your family has an escape route. he says if a fire breaks out, get out. don't try to fight the flames. live from bustleton, monique braxton, "nbc10 news." good advice to end on. skyforce10 was over a building collapse in southwest philadelphia on woodland avenue. we're told the building houses apartments and a business on the bottom floor. one family was forced from their home. no word on what caused the collapse. people at a chinese restaurant sprang into action when a gunshot victim stumbled into a store in germantown avenue. a man was shot in the back. he managed to run to the restaurant where he collapsed. people inside flagged down a
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passing ambulance. the victim today is in critical condition. this morning in delaware county, the red cross is helping dozens of people forced out of their apartment by a fire. take a look at this photo. it was posted on instagram. it was taken in lansdowne last night. skyforce10 was overhead as fire crews rushed to the ambulance as someone being rescued from the burning building. we're still trying to find out the condition of that person. there are no reports of serious injuries. the apartment building on east lansdowne avenue for more than 80 years. we talked to the red cross. they set up a shelter for the displaced. >> this is a life-changing experience for many people so we really want to make sure they know the red cross is there for them. we want to make sure they know they're not in this alone and they'll help them through this every step of the way.
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>> the red paws search team went inside the building searching for pets. they found more than a dozen. some were hurt and several other pets today are missing. beaten into a coma over a set of headphones. this morning a chester county family is deciding whether to press charges against a student they say beat up their 17-year-old son. the victim's parents turned to social media for support and they posted this picture of their son. police were called to great valley high school in malvern wednesday morning. the victim's family tells us the fight was over a set of broken headphones. the teen awoke from his coma yesterday afternoon. police haven't said if charges will be filed in this case. in delaware county authorities urging people to be alert after a jogger was attacked in upper chichester. the woman went along for a run along chichester avenue. she realized a man was running behind her.
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the man pushed her into a fence and fondled her before running away. prosecutors in the case against a man accused of killing his former daernlughter-in-law in delaware courtroom are calling their first witness today. family members say they never knew he was going to kill his son's ex-wife. prosecutors say his son, david, his mother-in-law -- or his mother rather and their daughter tormented and stalked david's ex-wife for years. all three deny ever stalking the victim. investigators say in 2013 thomas shot and killed himself inside the delaware courthouse after shooting christine and her friend beth. both victims died. if convicted all three of the gunman's relatives could face life in prison. the chaos in colwyn continues. only nbc10 was there for last night's council meeting when members realized they didn't have enough votes to overturn
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the veto to eliminate the borough manager's position. the arguing prompted the mayor to leave the meeting early. former borough manager paula brown was at the center of the discord. she and council member pat williams argued and grabbed documents out of each other's hands. all of this happening during the first meeting for the state-appointed borough administrator. springfield high school in delaware county is on the move even if that move is only about 500 yards. >> motion is approved. >> the school board voted 8-1 last night in favor of replacing the existing springfield high school. the plan calls for the construction of a new high school on another part of that campus. the current building is more than 80 years old. the new school is expected to cost $150 million.
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and day seven now in the search for two escaped prisoners in new york. the manhunt now intensifying. officers in body armor are searching every inch near that prison. new information about the prison employee believed to have had a role in that escape. plus presidential surprise. why the commander in chief is speaking to some members of congress during a special closed-door meeting at the capitol. i've got the doors closed and door too. turn on the air conditioner today. beat the heat that is going to be into the 90s this afternoon. we're well on our way. 87 degrees at nbc10. only 11 minutes after 11:00 in the morning. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast.
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nearly a week has passed and no sign of the two convicted killers who escaped from prison in upstate new york. nbc news correspondent jay gray has the latest from dannemora, new york. >> reporter: the second straight day the manhunt has focused on 20 to 30 acres from the maximum security prison they escaped. >> it's a huge police presence. everyone has shotguns and pistols. >> reporter: more than 500 federal officers and agents pushing through the thick brush which could provide countless areas for the men to hide. >> we're looking underneath every rock every tree and inside every structure until we catch these two. >> reporter: as heavily armed
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teams continue their work investigators are pushing for more information from joyce mitchell a civilian employee in the prison tailor shop. >> each day we're learning more and more information from her as far as what her involvement was, what her relationship was with matt and sweat. from that we're just developing leads we continue to investigate. >> reporter: this is what we know right now. mitchell was supposed to drive the getaway car the day of the escape but backed out at the last minute. authorities say she did not provide the power tools the men used to cut their way out of prison but did give them what they call contraband. before the prison break, mitchell was accused of getting too close to sweat. he was removed from the tailor shop but authorities call the allegations unfounded. while so many now try to find the violent escapees. jay gray, "nbc10 news." an update on that german pilot who deliberately crashed a passenger jet into the alps.
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doctors who treated the man say he was unfit to fly, but they didn't tell his employer because of patient secrecy laws. a french prosecutor says the pilot saw seven doctors just one month before the crash. they say he recently doubled his dosage of antidepressants and told a doctor he was only sleeping two hours a night and claimed he lost two-thirds of his eyesight. some doctors thought he was too unstable to fly, but in germany doctors can be sent to prison if they disclose information about a patient. authorities say in march he locked the cockpit door and intentionally crashed that jet. all 150 people on board died. they included two people with connections to our area. mother and daughter why onand emily selke both went to school in pennsylvania. and taking a live look now at capitol hill in washington,
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d.c. where president obama made a surprise visit to make an 11th hour appeal as house is voting on legislation to strengthen the president's hand in global trade talks. he wasn't there for very long before then heading back to the white house. the trademark bill referred to as fast track, faces a showdown vote today. it's a last-minute effort for lawmakers to kill that bill. the bill would give president obama authority to negotiate trade deals congress could approve or reject but not amend. house democrats are fighting for a chance to debate the details. we'll bring you an update on "nbc10 news" at 4:00. parts of colorado are under water today after heavy rain dropped massive amounts of rain yesterday evening. fire crews in denver rescued several drivers trapped along roads and intersections. some places more than 2 inches of rain fell in less than two hours. and in colorado springs, rains were so heavy one driver
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couldn't see what was right in front of her and ended up driving into a street that had turned into a small lake. more rain is in the forecast. for this weekend. there's a chance we'll see some showers in the area that may bring some heavy rain too-to-a few spots. mainly, it's just going to be heat and humidity. we are on track for the hottest day of the year so far. at times this afternoon, the feels-like temperature the temperature and humidity together, will feel like it's 100 degrees. storms are a possibility today but even more a possibility heading into the weekend. it's already 88 degrees in millville. no surprise the crowd is growing in cape may. the temperatures will top out in the 80s on the beach. just inland it will be 90s. in fact, almost into the 90s now for cape may airport while it's 76 degrees at the harbor.
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north wildwood is at 80 degrees. 75 in ocean city. while ocean view is now reporting 86 degrees. and it's 87 in mulica tripp. stay out of the heat if you can. keep an eye on the sky for showers and thunderstorms. nothing showing up on the radar just yet. it's a possibility today. tomorrow they're more likely. you can see the line of storms off to the north and west. part of that system will be here tomorrow during the day. scattered showers are a possibility. still a possibility this afternoon, but mostly it's just going to be hazy hot and humid. 94 for the high temperature for allentown. 93 in quakertown and reading. hazy sunshine. a chance of scattered thunderstorms for doylestown and mt. holly. and right along the delaware beaches and the jersey shore, it will be 80s. look at vineland and dover, both up to 91 degrees today.
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90 for westchester and drexel hill. 94 in philadelphia. the record high for philadelphia is 95. we'll get very close to it this afternoon. if you are headed towards the shore, the delaware beaches, it's 80s today. turning cooler over the weekend. saturday showers are a possibility at times. not going to see all-day rainfall on saturday. you will see those storms move out for sunday with the humidity coming down and a little cooler sunday afternoon, 74 degrees. the rest of the area will get a break, too. you'll see the timing with the seven-day forecast in the next half hour. >> thanks bill. drink more water, a message you hear all the time especially on a day like today. a new study shows, who's not getting enough water on any given day. that's coming up.
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it is the number one cause of adult disability in the u.s., but in the majority of cases, stroke is preventable. that's why it's so important to get the word out about warning signs to protect you and your loved one. well, this weekend thousands of people will make strides for stroke, taking part in an annual 5k walk and run. toby is the founder and executive director of the delaware county stroke council. she's here to talk more about
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her fund-raiser. >> thank you for having me here. >> it's so important to talk about this. start off by talking about the mission of the delaware county stroke council. >> i started the organization back in 1995 after my late doctor, dr. howard mazer, and the event is named in memory of him, experienced a stroke while he was doing surgery. he was doing an open kidney case. he was a urologist and just collapsed in the operating room. fortunately, he was able to survive by having medevac'd to one of the large philadelphia stroke centers at the time. and i really do believe that he survived 18 years post-stroke because he had me as his advocate. and i just didn't give up. however, at that time there were no places no organizations to turn to that advocated for
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stroke patients or caregivers. >> you went for being an advocate for your husband to really starting this organization to advocate for everyone. >> everybody. i just thought everyone needed an advocate and i was going to be that advocate. >> talk about the event on sunday because this is so important. this is how we all can participate and support what you're doing. >> well, sunday will be our 21st annual dr. howard mazer stride for stroke although he only passed away six years ago, then we named the event after him. basically the mission of the delaware valley stroke council is to raise awareness for stroke to do education, to do screenings and also to let people know the warning signs of stroke and the risk factors for stroke and that 80% of all strokes can be preventable. people know their risk factors. and if they respond appropriately. there's a window of opportunity that stroke can be reversed.
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it used to be three hours. now it's up to 4 1/2 hours. with the newest technology out there, such as stents and the retriever to release clots, so much has happened. it's all a result of professional education, experimentation on the medical field, but people really are not aware. and i think that only 6% of stroke patients get to a stroke center, a designated stroke center within the window of opportunity, to take advantage. >> you have to take advantage of that window of time to make a difference. let's tell folks again about the event, because this is really how -- like i said everyone can support what you have been groundbreaking in terms of doing. it is the strides for stroke taking place this sunday strides for stroke june 14th starting at 8:30 in the morning. it's a 5k run/walk beginning at 26th street and ben franklin
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parkway. for more information, go to our website, or check out the nbc10 app. toby, so good to see you. thank you so much for coming taught and talking to us about this very important -- >> thank you so much. i hope to see all of you out there. it's -- the message is in numbers. the more numbers we have out there, the more the message will get out. >> thank you. >> thank you. well oppressive heat and humidity across our area today. it's not going to be like that on sunday for the walk. it's even prompting the philadelphia school district to let its students out early. taking a live look outside at the ben franklin bridge, meteorologist bill henley will let us know when we can expect relief from the heat. medical marijuana coming to the first state. we have new information on the dispensary opening four years after it was approved.
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it is shaping up to be the hottest day of the year. but it didn't stop people at sand island park in bethlehem from getting out and enjoying afternoon tennis. they're dedicated. because of the heat philadelphia public schools close at noon today. haddonfield public schools will dismiss students at 12:30. we just learned three havford public schools are closing at 12:30, lynnewood. bill henley is here with the forecast. >> heat ask humidity so far we're seeing very little in the way of cloud development. you can see scattered clouds north of allentown and pocono mountains. there's a chance of scattered showers. we may see them pop up in
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eastern new jersey, western pennsylvania but mainly it's heat and humidity. what it will feel like at 1:00 97 for doylestown. northeast philadelphia 98, millvalemill millville and topping out at 100. 3:00, 100 degrees is what it will feel like for today. there are cooler changes ahead for the weekend. got the weekend forecast and the full seven-day which i come back. >> thank you bill. prepare for the potential heat wave this weekend with our "nbc10 news" app. download it for free to get severe weather updates on your smartphone or to your tablet. and checking out our top stories right now, a fire in the bustleton section of philadelphia has left one woman dead and her mother in critical condition. the fire broke out on the 600 block of avon street around 7:30 this morning. officials say it started on the
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second floor. no word yet on what caused that fire. no word on what caused this building to collapse in southwest philadelphia earlier today. we're told the building along woodland avenue houses apartments and a business on the bottom floor. one family was forced from their homes. they were not injured. after four years of legal drama, former international monetary fund chief dominique strauss-khan will be cleared of pimping charges in france. the trial centered around sex parties that took place during a global financial crisis. strauss-khan described the events as much needed recreational sessions. says he didn't know the women who took part were prostitutes. the panel of judges ruled the one-time french presidential hopeful wasn't involved in hiring the women or paying them. the manager of this australian cafe that was destroyed by a freak explosion has died after failing to
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recover from burns to 80% of her body. the manager was one of 20 people injured when an out-of-control bottles plowed into the back of the cafe tuesday. seven victims still remain in critical can condition. take a look at this. this group of people in southwestern china worked together to lift a bus and free an elderly woman trapped underneath. according to chinese state tv, the 76-year-old was pulled from under the vehicle at a bus stop. she was pinned under a tire. doctors say the woman suffered head injuries but is expected to be okay. decision 2016 hillary clinton will relaunch her presidential run with what's being billed as a major speech in new york tomorrow. the former secretary of state is the front-runner for the democratic nomination. her campaign aides say clinton plans to lay out her plans for the country. clinton will also call for those who help the nation emerge from the economic crisis to be
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rewarded for their sacrifices. clinton is up against three others for the democratic presidential nomination. on the republican side of the race jeb bush is gearing up for a formal announcement on monday. the former florida governor is expected to enter the race for the white house. bush is rupping up a trip to europe. he was in poland yesterday. he's in estonia today. so far ten republicans have declared they are running for the gop nomination. a political tradition for nearly 40 years has come to an end in iowa, at least for the upcoming 2016 campaign. republican leaders in iowa unanimously agreed to end the presidential straw poll. now, their reason, waning interests from potential gop candidates. the straw poll was once considered campaign strength and required them to make big contributions to have a spot. brazil's minister of tourism says the country may expand
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exemption to all u.s. citizens who want to attend the olympics. right now athletes taking part in the games and relatives are exempt from having a brazilian visa. you pay full cost for pennsylvania chiltd health care program, c.h.i.p. you may get a break. first, families will not face tax penalties thanks to the new federal health care law. governor wolf says changes to c.h.i.p. benefits immediate coverage rules. hes the thousands of families will also see no increase in premiums this year. delaware's first dispensary for medical marijuana is set to open today. the first compassion center will be located on germany drive outside of wilmington. the opening comes more than four years after governor and legislators legalized medical marijuana. more than 300 delaware citizens carry cards allowing them to use
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marijuana to treat a variety of conditions. there are three medical marijuana centers in new jersey. it started out as a girl scout project and turned into a nearly full-time job. rachel thornton is 12 years old. she's spending hours every day volunteering. her passion, fire safety. so, she teamed up with the red cross to teach fire safety. rachel started by teaching fire safety to senior citizens. this time she wanted to work with other kids her age. here's why. >> a boy at my school was actually displaced by a fire. the whole school chipped in and bought him blankets and things like that to help him and his family. >> wow. rachel says this isn't just helping kids it's helping their families as well. and every workshop she raffles off fire safe and other fire safety tools. she says this is something she hopes to continue long after she
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gets her girl scout award. good for her. well expect a lot of late night traffic around the stadiums in south philadelphia this weekend. pop singer taylor swift is in town, also legendary entertainer barry manilow. septa is adding extra trains to help concert goers go in and out of the area. swift is performing at link ton financial field tonight and tomorrow night, and barry manilow has a show at wells fargo tomorrow night. septa added trips to make it easier to get to the concert. tomorrow septa is offering 11 express trips. for more information head to our website, and delaware will crown the state's outstanding teen this weekend. the miss delaware competition takes place tomorrow at dover downs. the event is the little sister of the delaware scholarship organization. competition is preliminaries for miss america's outstanding teen competition.
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both are scholarship-based programs. the multiculture series returns to penn's landing. the islamic heritage festival is happening saturday. it consists of nine different events representing philly's global culture. all events are free. the islamic festival runs from 2 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. from star-spangled banner to four-star general, the american flag and the u.s. army's 240th birthday. this weekend america's freedom bell will be available for those to ring in honor of those who are serving or who have served our country. this weekend you can also celebrate the philly pride parade from 7:00 in the morning to 5:00 in the afternoon. the parade steps off from 13th and lowcust street in center
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city. i know you've heard an apple a day can keep the doctor away. the high-tech way some medical apps could be a boost to your health. we're watching the temperatures rise into the 90s today. a little bit hotter than yesterday. and more humid, too. you've probably felt it already. but there is an end to the heat and the heat wave. a look at the seven-day forecast when i come back.
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research shows post menopausal women who are obese have an increased risk of breast cancer. the study followed 6,000 women for a decade. the most obese women were 58% more likely to develop invasive breast cancer. normal weight women who gain more than 5% of their body weight during the study also had an increased risk of breast cancer. a new harvard study shows more than half of children and teens are not drinking enough water. it shows african-american kids are at a higher risk of dehydration and boys are at a higher risk than girls. ed study shows they don't drink water at all. not at all? today we're taking a look at an apple watch app that could keep you up to date with your health. nbc bertha coombs shows how a new app could benefit patients. >> reporter: john hoeg was never one to count calories but mobile
11:44 am
apps are finally helping him get his diet and diabetes under control after years of nagging from his doctor. >> i would go to the doctor and say, yes, sir. i listened to all the good advice. then i would go down the street and have a po boy. >> reporter: then his cardiologist prescribed mobile apps that got loaded onto his phone and now onto his apple watch right at the hospital's version of a genius bar. >> i still struggle with my weight honestly but it's made me more aware of what i'm eating. >> reporter: nonprofit is trying to harness mobile technology to get its patients more healthy. >> there's thousands of apps. data shows 60% are not useful. we like to feature the ones we have found to be beneficial to patients rr the hospital is trying some using blood
11:45 am
pressure cuffs and they bought patients apple watches to make notifications about medication more immediate. >> seeing the medication and a picture of it helped me remember which one i was supposed to take. >> reporter: early results have been encouraging. >> we're seeing at the end of 60 days over 60% of our patients are getting under control. that's in a very short period of time. >> reporter: it's a much more enter active model of patient care which requires constant monitoring of the data they generate on their devices and constant contact on the phone. it may seem intrusive to some but patients in the program say is it works for them. >> i love it. my gosh, no i definitely want them to know what's going on with my blood pressure for sure. i mean it would be different if they're listening to my phone calls but this is for my own good. >> reporter: as john puts it he feels like he's getting a real support network now. >> that was nbc's bertha coombs reporting for us today. it's an event that promises
11:46 am
to be motivational and inspirational. tomorrow is the third annual wounded hero 5k and concert. it celebrates those who were severely injured in the line of duty as well as those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty. like you're looking at his picture here marine 1st lieutenant travis who grew up in doylestown. he was am bured and killed in iraq but his family and friends are keeping his memory alive. heather is the program director and case manager for operation 57th honor and courage program and she's here with her son, young marine staff sergeant luke, who's 14 years old, who is spearheading the honor and courage program. good to have you both here. heather, why don't you start off by telling us about the organization and the event tomorrow. >> sure. the event tomorrow is the third annual wounded hero 5can k. opening ceremonies begin at 9 a.m. this is all under our honor and courage program. we are with operation ward 57
11:47 am
and luke actually helped spearhead the program. we have have a therapy dog program. we have a crisis hot line for veterans. so, it's very -- it's very important to be there for, you know, our returning here low inging heroes and giving them the support they need. >> luke, your mom said you spearheaded the courage program. tell me about that. you're 14 years old. how did you get involved? >> well ever since i was young, my mom always went down to walter reed medical center and i saw -- >> you're already young. you must be talking about when you're 4, 5, 6? >> yes, ma'am. >> okay. >> and i saw how much they gave for us. and i felt the need to give back to them. so i started raising money for them, and i started the honor and courage program to give back to them. >> that is so powerful luke. wow. tell me about the event
11:48 am
tomorrow. >> the event tomorrow is going to be a lot of fun. we have really special entrants for the wounded heroes when they arrive at the park. it's really great to get the community involved. you know, cheer for them as they arrive at the park. the 5k begins at 10 a.m. we also have a walk this year which luke actually renamed to the manu mile after his hero first lieutenant travis. >> he made the ultimate hero. >> yes. he's been his hero. after the 5k this is our first year we'll have a country concert by joe bachmann and the tailgaters. he's a philadelphia native. he's coming back to play for us. he's a lot of fun. a lot of fun. >> not only are you doing good but you really are -- you can go out and have a good time. >> you can have a great time. and this 5k is very unique from everybody else's because it's not about your best time. this is about going out there and supporting these wounded warriors who do the 5k in their
11:49 am
prosthetics or wheelchair and cheering them on and coming together as a community. >> what feedback, what response do you get from the wounded warriors as well as the people who kam out to support them? >> they're very grateful. it's great for them to see different parts of the country. many of these wounded warriors are coming from florida and virginia and all over the place. so when they get to warminster, pennsylvania, and they see this community come together for them, it makes them very happy. >> the third annual wounded hero 5 5 5k. it's happening tomorrow at warminster community park. there are events there for the entire family. registration begins at 8 a.m. the 5k starts at 10 a.m. for more information including the concert which is a first this year, come to our website, or check out our "nbc10 news" app. heather and luke thank you so much for coming in and talking to us this morning.
11:50 am
thank you for what you're doing. >> thank you. it's an honor. >> thank you. good news for the 5k it's not go to be as hot or humid pop today will be the hottest day of the year so far. wilmington, no blue rocks game today. maybe that's a good thing. temperatures already in the upper 80s across the board. 88 degrees in philadelphia. in the 80s in wilmington. already feels like it's in the 90s. 70s, this is in the poconos mountains. you would expect to see these chirs filled up but still in the 70s so still a little cool. nice and sunny at woodlock and pocono mountains. will top out in 80s for poconos. 85 degrees in wilmington. it's already 87 in mt. holly and atlantic city and the airport. factor in the humidity this is what it feels like. 95, the feels-like temperature in philadelphia.
11:51 am
feels even hotter in dover, 98 degrees right now. we're watching for storms. there's still a possibility of a cooling shower or thunderstorm this afternoon, but no sign of it just yet. but a clear sign that this is going to be a hot one this afternoon. you're hour-by-hour of future weather at 3:00 this afternoon, maybe a few spots on the radar screen but look at those temperatures into the 90s. topping out into the middle 90s today. 95 is the record for philadelphia. be watching for that. there's a potential we'll hit that this afternoon. not over the weekend. haze y hot and humid. just a slight chance of a scattered shower or thunderstorm this afternoon. 90s today. potentially up to 90 degrees tomorrow. there's a possibility that we will stay in the upper 80s. it will be close. day three of 90 with our first heat wave of the season. won't be as hot on sunday. flag day, 87 with less humid conditions after a morning low of 67 degrees. humidity returns after a dry start on monday.
11:52 am
85 the high temperature. a possibility monday we'll see scattered showers, possibly even a thunderstorm. and it will feel warmer on tuesday. near 90 degrees. then another break wednesday afternoon. the humidity will come down 86 degrees the high temperature. closer to normal for this time of the year. temperaturewise on thursday but still a chance of a late day shower or thunderstorm. we'll be right back.
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june is national trails month, and people are encouraged to use the hundreds of pedestrian and bike trails in our area. there's a couple of events happening this weekend in celebration of national trails month. on saturday you can bike from manayunk to schuylkill river and a five-mile bike ride. mummers brilgade weekend at wildwood. also a pub crawl and tomorrow there's a block party on old new jersey avenue. coming up this afternoon at
11:56 am
3:00 "ellen," hot guys episode including men from "magic mike 2," jake gyllenhaal and mike smith. then it's "nbc10 news" at 4:00. this afternoon a beach town battle escalates. a broken promise over a five-letter phrase that has now led to legal action. it's all this afternoon on "nbc10 news" at 4:00. with the heat, we all want to head down the shore don't we? >> we have worse problems than that it seems like doesn't it? we have heat and humidity. a little surprise they're letting so many schools out. it's 88 degrees right now. we've seen hotter. not this year so far. this is likely going to be the hottest day of the year. so far we're just 4 degrees cooler than it was yesterday at this time. already feels like 95 degrees in philadelphia. a steamy day today. again tomorrow if we hit 90 that will be the third day in the row for the first heat wave of the season. doesn't look like that will come
11:57 am
there on sunday. humidity goes down and a nice break and cooler on monday 85 degrees. >> not bad. thanks for watching "nbc10 news" at 11:00. we'll see you back here today at 4:00.
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12:00 pm
>> man: geez, you seem to have a pretty intense relationship with your cell phone. what's up with that? >> paige: deleting contacts. i don't need them anymore. >> older man: oh, good good, nice. make room for some new ones, you know, like, uh, well i don't know, like mine. [chuckles] how about i buy you a drink? >> eve: "dr. laura horton, committed to mental health facility following incident." huh...i almost forgot. that for quite some time jennifer's mother was out of her mind.


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